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  • Price

    All price are quoted in US DOLLARS F.O.B. Indonesia, excluding packing costs freight cost & export documentation cost.

    Confirm prices upon request and subject to validity period specified. 

    PT. Eka Sari Perkasa reserve the right to revise prices prior notices unless the sale has been concluded.

  • Minimum Order

    Our minimum order is 45 kgs, that is about 3 boxes according to the airlines policy which will calculate the freight cost having 45 kg as the minimum chargeable weight.

  • Documentation

    Consignee must specify at point of purchase what document are required to avoid delay in shipment. Certificates of Origin, Phytosanitary Certificate etc. will be furnish upon request and the documentation charges include in the real Invoice.

    The copy of shipping documents will be send by e-mail before the goods arrive to your airport destination.

  • Payment

    Advance payment by Telegraphic Transfer at the point of confirmation of sale. Payment must be full payment to cover freight charges; cost of goods, packaging cost & exports documentation charges.

    We will do the shipment five (5) working days after we receive full payment. This time is needed for quarantine, plants check and preparing all the export documentation and booking the cargo for destination airport as request by customers.

    Payments are not accepted by banker draft or personal checks.

    Transfer fee must be paid by consignee. All payment must be made to the following account :

    Bank Name : Maybank
    Branch Office : Kemang Pratama
    Beneficiary Name : PT. Eka Sari Perkasa
    Bank Account Number : 2527 001 182
    Swift Code : IBBKIDJA

    Nb : the amount has been paid is not refundable by cash, all credit able to be claimed to cover the cost on next invoice.

  • Charges

    • Fish
    • Styrofoam box
    • Handling & Trucking
    • Documents
    • Freight rate


    All charges will shown in Applied Proforma Invoice.

  • Packaging

    All the fish are packed in plastic bags inside styrofoam boxes, followed with corrugated box sealed with appropriate markings of shipment details.

    Box dimension 75x 42x40cm @ ± 22 kgs

    The packing densities listed on the stock list are only indications for fish packed to endure flight duration excluding unforeseen delays during transit.

  • Delivery Time

    The customer will receive the goods 5 working days after the payment is registered in our company bank account.

    This 5 days is needed for quarantine process, fishes check and export documentation.
    The delivery is made by air plane and normally will reach you within 48 hours. In any case, delivery time depends on air cargo space.

    We ship from Soekarno Hatta Airport located in Jakarta, Indonesia (CGK).

    Please notify us early if any other documents needed so that there won’t be any delay in the delivery.


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Farm address : Jl. Cekrok No. 45, Jatirangga, Jati Sampurna, Bekasi, 17434 Indonesia.

Phone : +6221 228 96 333

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