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Freshwater Fish

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AF001Black angelfish3.0 cmavailable
AF002Black angelfish4.0 cmavailable
AF003Black angelfish5.0 cm need to check
AF004Black angelfish6.5 cmneed to check
AF005Black angelfish7.5 cmneed to check
AF006Black angelfish Veiltail3.0 cmavailable
AF007Black angelfish Veiltail4.0 cmavailable
AF008Black angelfish Veiltail5.0 cmavailable
AF009Black angelfish Veiltail6.5 cmavailable
AF010Black angelfish Veiltail7.5 cmavailable
AF011Marble angelfish3.0 cmavailable
AF012Marble angelfish4.0 cmavailable
AF013Marble angelfish5.0 cmavailable
AF014Marble angelfish6.5 cmavailable
AF015Marble angelfish7.5 cmavailable
AF016Marble angelfish veiltail3.0 cmavailable
AF017Marble angelfish veiltail4.0 cmavailable
AF018Marble angelfish veiltail5.0 cmavailable
AF019Marble angelfish veiltail6.5 cmavailable
AF020Marble angelfish veiltail7.5 cmavailable
AF021Black and white angelfish3.0 cmavailable
AF022Black and white angelfish4.0 cmavailable
AF023Black and white angelfish5.0 cmavailable
AF024Black and white angelfish6.5 cmavailable
AF025Black and white angelfish7.5 cmavailable
AF026Black and white Angel Veiltail3.0 cmavailable
AF027Black and white Angel Veiltail4.0 cmavailable
AF028Black and white Angel Veiltail5.0 cmavailable
AF029Black and white Angel Veiltail6.5 cmavailable
AF030Black and white Angel Veiltail7.5 cmavailable
AF031Leopard angelfish3.0 cmavailable
AF032Leopard angelfish4.0 cmavailable
AF033Leopard angelfish5.0 cmavailable
AF034Leopard angelfish6.5 cmavailable
AF035Leopard angelfish7.5 cmavailable
AF036Zebra angelfish3.0 cmavailable
AF037Zebra angelfish4.0 cmavailable
AF038Zebra angelfish5.0 cmavailable
AF039Blue red cheek angelfish3.0 cmavailable
AF040Blue red cheek angelfish4.0 cmneed to check
AF041Blue red cheek angelfish5.0 cmneed to check
AF042Red eye angelfish3.0 cmavailable
AF043Red eye angelfish4.0 cmavailable
AF044Red eye angelfish5.0 cmneed to check
AF045Platinum angelfish3.0 cmavailable
AF046Platinum angelfish4.0 cmavailable
AF047Platinum angelfish5.0 cmavailable
AF048Tricolor angelfish3.0 cmavailable
AF049Tricolor angelfish4.0 cmavailable
AF050Tricolor angelfish5.0 cmavailable
AF051Tricolor angelfish6.5 cmavailable
AF052Tricolor angelfish7.5 cmneed to check
AF053Tricolor angelfish veiltail3.0 cmavailable
AF054Tricolor angelfish veiltail4.0 cmavailable
AF055Tricolor angelfish veiltail5.0 cmneed to check
AF056Tricolor angelfish veiltail6.5 cmneed to check
AF057Tricolor angelfish veiltail7.5 cmneed to check
AF058Diamond Red Eye Angel3.0 cmavailable
AF059Diamond Red Eye Angel4.0 cmavailable
AF060Diamond Red Eye Angel5.0 cmneed to check
AF061Assorted Angel3.0 cmavailable
AF062Assorted Angel4.0 cmavailable
AF063Assorted Angel5.0 cmavailable
AF064Assorted Angel6.0-6.5 cmneed to check
AF065Assorted Angel7.5 cmneed to check
AF066Altum Angel Peruensis3.0 cmneed to check
AF067Altum Angel Peruensis4.0 cmneed to check
AF068Altum Angel Peruensis5.0 cmneed to check
AF069Altum Angel Peruensis6.5 cmneed to check
AF070Pinoy Angel3.0 cmavailable
AF071Pinoy Angel4.0 cmavailable
AF072Pinoy Angel5.0 cmavailable
AF073Blue Zebra Pinoy Angel3.0 cmavailable
AF074Blue Zebra Pinoy Angel4.0 cmavailable
AF075Blue Zebra Pinoy Angel5.0 cmneed to check
AF076Golden Xantic Angel3.0 cmneed to check
AF077Golden Xantic Angel4.0 cmneed to check
AF078Golden Xantic Angel5.0 cmneed to check
AE001Golden Algae Eater3.0 cmavailable
AE002Golden Algae Eater4.0 cmavailable
AE003Golden Algae Eater5.0 cmavailable
AE004Golden Algae Eater6.5 cmavailable
AE005Golden Algae Eater7.5 cmavailable
AE006Siamese Algae Eater3.0 cmavailable
AE007Siamese Algae Eater4.0 cmavailable
AE008Siamese Algae Eater5.0 cmavailable
AE009Siamese Algae Eater6.5 cmavailable
AE010Siamese Algae Eater7.5 cmavailable
AE011Chinese Algae Eater3.0 cmavailable
AE012Chinese Algae Eater4.0 cmavailable
AE013Chinese Algae Eater5.0 cmavailable
AE014Chinese Algae Eater6.5 cmavailable
AE015Chinese Algae Eater7.5 cmavailable
AE016Dr. Fish2.5 cmavailable
AE017Dr. Fish3.0 cmavailable
AE018Dr. Fish3.5 cmavailable
AE019Dr. Fish4.0 cmavailable
AE020Dr. Fish4.5 cmavailable
AE021Dr. Fish Panda2.5 cmavailable
AE022Dr. Fish Panda3.0 cmavailable
AE023American Flagtail - Yellow4.0 cmneed to check
AE024American Flagtail - Yellow5.0 cmneed to check
AE025American Flagtail - Yellow6.5 cmneed to check
AE026American Flagtail - Yellow7.5 cmneed to check
AR001Silver Arowana6.0 - 7.0 cmavailable
AR002Silver Arowana8.0 - 9.0 cmavailable
AR003Silver Arowana10 - 12 cmavailable
AR004Silver Arowana15 cmavailable
AR005Silver Arowana17 cmavailable
AR006Silver Arowana20 cmavailable
AR007Silver Arowana25 cmavailable
AR008Silver Arowana30 cmavailable
AR009Silver Arowana40 cmavailable
AR010Silver Arowana Albino14 - 15 cmavailable
AR011Silver Arowana Albino17 - 18 cmneed to check
BA001Checkered Barb2.0 cmavailable
BA002Checkered Barb2.5 cmneed to check
BA003Checkered Barb2.8 cmavailable
BA004Checkered Barb3.0 cmavailable
BA005Checkered Barb3.5 cmavailable
BA006Cherry Barb2.0 cmavailable
BA007Cherry Barb2.5 cmavailable
BA008Cherry Barb2.8 cmavailable
BA009Cherry Barb3.0 cmavailable
BA010Cherry Barb3.5 cmavailable
BA011Golden Barb2.0 cmavailable
BA012Golden Barb2.5 cmavailable
BA013Golden Barb2.8 cmavailable
BA014Golden Barb3.0 cmavailable
BA015Golden Barb3.5 cmavailable
BA016Ruby Barb2.0 cmneed to check
BA017Ruby Barb2.3 cmneed to check
BA018Ruby Barb2.5 cmneed to check
BA019Ruby Barb2.8 cmneed to check
BA020Ruby Barb3.0 cmneed to check
BA021Tiger Barb2.5 cmavailable
BA022Tiger Barb2.8 cmavailable
BA023Tiger Barb3.0 cmavailable
BA024Tiger Barb3.5 cmavailable
BA025Tiger Barb4.0 cmavailable
BA026Albino Tiger Barb2.5 cmavailable
BA027Albino Tiger Barb2.8 cmavailable
BA028Albino Tiger Barb3.0 cmavailable
BA029Albino Tiger Barb3.5 cmavailable
BA030Albino Tiger Barb4.0 cmavailable
BA031Green Tiger Barb2.0 cmavailable
BA032Green Tiger Barb2.5 cmavailable
BA033Green Tiger Barb2.8 cmavailable
BA034Green Tiger Barb3.0 cmavailable
BA035Green Tiger Barb3.5 cmavailable
BA036Green Tiger Barb4.0 cmavailable
BA037Longfin Barb2.5 cmavailable
BA038Longfin Barb2.8 cmavailable
BA039Longfin Barb3.0 cmavailable
BA040Longfin Barb3.5 cmavailable
BA041Longfin Barb4.0 cmavailable
BA042Rosy Barb Yellow2.0 cmavailable
BA043Rosy Barb Yellow2.5 cmavailable
BA044Rosy Barb Yellow3.0 cmavailable
BA045Rosy Barb Yellow3.5 cmavailable
BA046Rosy Barb Yellow4.0 cmavailable
BA047Rosy Barb Yellow4.5 cmavailable
BA048Rosy Barb Yellow5.0 cmavailable
BA049Rosy Barb Red2.0 cmavailable
BA050Rosy Barb Red2.5 cmavailable
BA051Rosy Barb Red3.0 cmavailable
BA052Rosy Barb Red3.5 cmavailable
BA053Rosy Barb Red4.0 cmavailable
BA054Rosy Barb Red5.0 cmavailable
BA055Red Line Torpedo Barb2.5 cmavailable
BA056Red Line Torpedo Barb3.0 cmavailable
BA057Red Line Torpedo Barb4.0 cmavailable
BA058Red Line Torpedo Barb5.0 cmavailable
BA059Red Line Torpedo Barb6.0-6.5 cmneed to check
BA060Red Line Torpedo Barb7.0-7.5 cmneed to check
BA061Red Line Torpedo Barb8.5 cmneed to check
BA062Red Line Torpedo Barb10 cmneed to check
BA062AAlbino Red Line Torpedo Barb5.0 cmavailable
BA063Five Banded Barb2.0 cmavailable
BA064Five Banded Barb2.5 cmavailable
BA065Five Banded Barb3.0 cmavailable
BA066Five Banded Barb3.5 cmavailable
BA067Round Banded Clown Barb2.5 cmavailable
BA068Round Banded Clown Barb3.0 cmavailable
BA069Round Banded Clown Barb3.5 cmavailable
BA070Round Banded Clown Barb4.0 cmavailable
BA071Banded Leporinus2.5 cmavailable
BA072Banded Leporinus3.0 cmavailable
BA073Banded Leporinus4.0 cmavailable
BA074Banded Leporinus5.0 cmavailable
BA075Banded Leporinus6.5 cmneed to check
BA076Banded Leporinus7.5 cmneed to check
BA077Tinfoil Barb5.0 cmavailable
BA078Tinfoil Barb6.5 cmavailable
BA079Tinfoil Barb7.5 cmavailable
BA080Tinfoil Barb10 cmavailable
BA081Tinfoil Barb12.5 cmavailable
BA082Albino Tinfoil Barb5.0 cmavailable
BA083Albino Tinfoil Barb6.5 cmavailable
BA084Albino Tinfoil Barb7.5 cmavailable
BA085Albino Tinfoil Barb10 cmavailable
BA086Albino Tinfoil Barb12.5 cmavailable
BA087Leporinus affinis2,5 cmavailable
BA088Leporinus affinis3,5 cmavailable
B001Betta Halfmoon3.0 cmavailable
B002Betta Halfmoon4.0 cmavailable
B003Betta Halfmoon5.0 cmavailable
B004Betta Crowntail3.0 cmavailable
B005Betta Crowntail4.0 cmavailable
B006Betta Crowntail5.0 cmavailable
B007Betta Longfin3.0 cmavailable
B008Betta Longfin4.0 cmavailable
B009Betta Longfin5.0 cmavailable
B010Betta Shorttail3.0 cmavailable
B011Betta Shorttail4.0 cmavailable
B012Betta Shorttail5.0 cmavailable
B013Betta Plakat3.0 cmavailable
B014Betta Plakat4.0 cmavailable
B015Betta Plakat5.0 cmavailable
B016Betta Lavender 3.0 cmavailable
B017Betta Lavender 4.0 cmavailable
B018Betta Lavender 5.0 cmavailable
B019Betta Female3.0 cmavailable
B020Betta Female4.0 cmavailable
B021Betta Female5.0 cmavailable
B022Betta Bagan3.0 cmavailable
B023Betta Bagan4.0 cmavailable
B024Betta Giant 4.0 cmavailable
B025Betta Giant 5.0 cmavailable

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